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HELP!!! Non clinical jobs

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Posted:  11-Nov-2017 17:27
Hi all not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but here goes....and I'm sorry it's a bit of a moan! I been working as an RN for approximately the last 8 years in various hospitals and nursing homes, decided earlier this year after suffering some serious burn out to change to a non clinical role and got a job as a PIP assessor, still nurse based but non clinical, problem being I hate it and now I don't know what to do. I don't want to go back to a clinical role in a hospital or home but this really isn't for me and I find myself having panic attacks on a daily basis about going to work. Some have suggested going into drug rep companies or working for lawyers decifering medical notes but iv no idea how to get into it.Any suggestions on where to go from here would be much appreciated as I feel stuck in a rut, I loved nursing for so long but now I almost want nothing to do with it [:(]

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Posted:  12-Nov-2017 10:48
Have you thought about going into practice nursing? There is a big demand in the London area and you could get training. PN
allows you to be independent and personally I find it more rewarding than conveyor belt hospital work. It is very challenging & have learnt a lot more in practice nursing than in hospItal settings.
If you enjoy studying there are loads of courses to improve and move on. All the ones I've done have been funded despite my age. Think it works differently up North.


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Posted:  15-Nov-2017 09:13

Have you ever thought about moving in to a Nurse Advisor role or a more commercial nursing position like Clinical Support/Healthcare sales?

That way you could still use your nursing knowledge and experience in one specialist area but not have the full on clinical focus.

I'd be happy to help or try and answer any questions for you about these types of roles if you'd like? I don't know if i'm allowed to give you my e-mail address on this forum but you can find me on LinkedIn (Fiona Banbury, Xcellin.

Hope I can help! :)
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