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Cruise ship nurse interview

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Posted:  01-May-2018 09:30
I have a interview coming up soon for a cruise ship nurse. I'm struggling to find any information on what is expected and was hoping someone here could advise me.
So far I have been told there will be A written clinical exam, a group exercise (leadership task), a Competency based interview and clinical questions.
If anyone could give me any more advice I'd really appreciate it

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Posted:  14-May-2018 10:50
Hi the interview I had was with princess cruises. The group work was I problem solving exercise. They want to see that you can think logically, and voice your opinion being assertive but not too aggressive. They want to know you'll be ok with working and living with the same people for a 4 month period... the clinical exam is senirio based you'll be asked to guess investigations that might be requested and diagnosis of set scenarios. One of mine was a DKA patient the clue was halitosis. Read you als book. Hope this helps learn your stuff then try and relax

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Posted:  12-Jun-2018 17:03

My questions were scenario and experience based - mainly how do I manage conflicts in the workplace and what would I do if I was asked to do something that I wasn't comfortable doing.
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