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nmc referal
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Posted:  11-Dec-2013 12:39
Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so hope this is in the right place! I have recently been accused of drug's going missing and failing to sign the MAR sheet. I admitted to the failure to sign the mar sheet ( we were understaffed, under pressure etc which I know is no excuse but I'm only human) the medication that went missing happened on my days off, however I was suspended on full pay, had an investigation hearing and then a disciplinary hearing (at both times they refused to say whether they had spoken to witnesses that could speak in my defence and I was not allowed to contact staff to ask them to speak as witnesses)
Following the disciplinary hearing I was dismissed via letter and stated they would inform nmc.
As they failed to pay me my full pay on the month when my nmc renewal was due, the DD failed to go out and my membership lapsed.
Today I received a letter from the nmc saying that they can take no further action against me as I was not a member at the time but when I do decide to renew, then they will investigate the complaint.
I just dont know what to do! I was going to renew my nmc membership and look for other jobs, but now I cant, should I give up nursing for good? I presume that while nmc investigations are ongoing I wont be able to preactice anyway. Shall I look for work in other fields? Work as a HCA but the rates of pay wont cover my outgoings?
I am going through hell! I have practised for 19 years without any questions as to my fitness to practice and since working at this one nursing home since May, all this has happened, I am devastated. I feel that as soon as I walked in the door then I was targetted.
I don't see how they can prove that the medication that went missing could be down to me, I was off at the time and the drug in question was held on another floor, I could get access to the keys if I required but so did every other nurse and Senior HCA in the building, plus the nurse on that floor always used to just leave the keys in the office unattended.
To be honest if they had just reported me for failing to sign the mar sheet then I wouldnt be as worried but this is a whole different ball game! There have been numerous errors that I reported but not surprisingly they cant find the reports I made now, also cases of wrong medication being given to various residents and nothing was done about this.
Please can anyone give any advice or support?

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Posted:  18-Dec-2013 09:49
are you not a member of RCN or other union who could assist you?

So sorry to hear what you are going through, hope you are ok x

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Posted:  18-Dec-2013 12:17
Hello. I empathise with you wholeheartedly and i am sorry for the stress this has caused you.

I am a RN and worked in s nursing home 3 months. We uses the same MAR sheets. Always short of staff, stressed, overworked, undersupported, you name it, so, i understand. I actually resigned because couldnt Take it anymore, always being blamed. This seems to be the culture of nursing homes.

What i would suggest to you, is to resign and do maybe Bank or agency work elsewhere until you find a permanent position elsewhere (not norsing home).
Please, do not stay as they will tarnish your nursing career and
you will not be able to work again. You will be Fine, trust me.

I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck x

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Posted:  19-Dec-2013 10:59
If you are having to ask us if you should give up nursing for good then you have the answer already. Maybe you should. BUT, if you want to remain a registered nurse you have really got to change your attitude and face your responsibilities and show some desire and commitment to the professional ethics of nursing. This means standing up and fighting your accuser and answer their allegations, then counter-answering the allegations with strength and vigour. You sound like you are lying down. How can you allow your registration to lapse? Any RN would never let their registration lapse. Get it paid, get it up to date and then start fighting. You must join a union. Join Unison or the RCN and get a representative to support your case. You must start building a case and you need to work hard at this. Your employer should have allowed you to have a representative with you at their meetings with you. How did they start disciplinary proceedings against you without you having representation? Why didn't you take anyone to these meetings with you? You should have been given copies of their notes from all the meetings and you should have written letters stating the case against you. You must write to your employer and request a copy of your personal file and all the notes of their investigation and the notes of their meetings with you. They cannot deny you this. Do not accept it from them and threaten them with legal action if they do not comply. If you are only guilty of not signing for a drug you administered to a patient, and if you did this only once, then this is not a sackable offence. If you are innocent of stealing drugs and were not even on duty and you can prove it then you have been victimised and you can fight this easily. You can defend yourself if you wish but I strongly advise getting in a union and getting someone to fight for you.

If you don't want to be a nurse is this really the way you want to leave the profession? Move on by all means but to walk away from bullying employers after being accused of stealing and letting a care home do that to you is wrong. You are simply allowing them to do it to other nurses. Nurses must get passionate about their profession and fight back against malicious management practises.

Get your NMC registration paid. Join a union. Get a representative. Get your case file and full details of the investigation and evidence against you. Start fighting back.

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Posted:  20-Dec-2013 06:15
Nurses make mistakes, even the NMC realise this. If you didn't try to hide the mistake then I think it very unlikely anything more than a reprimand would occur - and possibly not even that.
The problem with care homes is that bad managers, of which there are many, feel the need to be seen to be doing something and sometimes sacking a member of staff - who're ten a penny after all - is evidence of this. I've worked in plenty of care homes and in my experience Mars sheets regularly go unsigned. I think it far more likely that for whatever reason your manager has been looking for an excuse to sack you, or someone, to show people how strong they are and send a message to others working in the home.
What drug supposedly went missing?
Re-register, fight your corner, join a union - I can't stress enough how important this is for any nurse, especially in the private sector which can be very hire and fire compared to the NHS - though it may be too late for union help as you weren't a member at the time. And get another job in a better home or elsewhere.

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Posted:  11-Jan-2014 09:08
Referrals are logged and initially assessed in our screening team. Where we are not able to identify the nurse or midwife, or where the allegation does not raise a question of impaired fitness to practise, we will write to the referrer immediately to inform them that we are unable to consider the matter further. For those referrals we can consider further, we will, with the referrer's consent, send relevant information to the nurse or midwife and invite them to respond to the allegations. We will also request their employment details.

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Posted:  14-Jan-2014 18:40
Hi Destiel,
You say that you have reported numerous, what appear to be very serious, errors to your employer but the paper work cannot be found. Have you considered that this is their way of trying to deflect their failings on to you. Employers do not take kindly to criticism especially if they could get into trouble for their misdeeds so will resort to these types of tactics to get rid of a 'trouble maker'; sadly it usually works.
I do not have much faith in the NMC after I wrote to them about some serious problems I was experiencing at work. They wrote back saying that they had no authority to enter my work place to remedy the situation, but reminded me that as a registered nurse I would have to abide by the code of conduct and speak out about the unsafe/bad practice I was observing. Needless to say I do not work there any more.
Nursing appears to be the only profession where we work for people who are not trained in our profession and who are not governed by the same codes as we are. We appear, in a lot of cases, to have conflicting interests - the nurse will want the best care for her patient, the manager will want the job done as cheap as possible, hence nurses often work in places that are understaffed.
It is sad that nurses who speak out often end up leaving nursing because of the resulting reprisals. I am sure the atrocities highlighted in the media recently could have been prevented if nurses had felt safe to raise concerns.
It would be a shame if the nursing profession was to lose another good nurse with nineteen years of experience.

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Posted:  23-Jan-2014 13:26
dear destial just to make you feel better! I have today received a letter from nmc striking me off for dishonesty and other trumped up charges. i have practised for 30 years and am a brilliant nurse, highly regarded and have studied hard in my own time with many resultant qualifications. Since 2011 my employers and nmc have brought me to the brink of suicide on several occasions shattering my family in the process. i would go as far as to say they assisted my mother into her grave at xmas. I will never nurse again. they have assassinated my character over and over again and i will have to take my child away as they have publicly splashed my so-called misdemeanours over the local newspapers. i have not a penny to my name and a 12 year old to bring up alone. run away as fast as you can. as nurses we have many talents that can be transferred elsewhere. i wish you luck. they have made my life an unbearable hell. and really dont care if people have a go at me for saying this. ITS THE TRUTH!!!

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Posted:  26-Jan-2014 22:17
Hi Max22,
I certainly am not going to have a go at you; I just wish that I could help in some way. I think that there are a lot of nurses who have given up/lost their registration that will be able to empathise with you, as they too will have been falsely accused of misdemeanours. Sadly employers have so much power that their word is believed over registered nurses, even those with a 30 year exemplary track record in nursing. Other members of staff are not going to help, as they are only too well aware of their fate if they do.
I have been looking through the NMC hearing list and apart from being amazed at the number of suspensions and striking off that happen each month, I am surprised at the years of service these so called bad nurses have given; why should such caring devoted nurses change towards the end of their careers? My belief is that these are the nurses who are prepared to speak out about bad practice, and are then having to face trumped up charges in order to be kept quiet. Until nurses are governed by an effective body, this professional assassination of nurses is going to continue.
I am in the fortunate position of drawing my pension, so can afford not to renew my registration when it is next due. I like you, am a highly qualified nurse having gained a degree and many diplomas, as well as the extended prescribing certificate. I still feel I have a lot to offer to my patients but can no longer cope with the backlash, and threats that occur when I raise serious concerns about bad practises which sadly abound in abundance in the NHS.
Nurses need to lobby to get the system changed so that we have a governing body that not only makes rules by which nurses must work by, but one that is able and prepared to protect us when we are disciplined for raising concerns when these rules are broken. Our nursing body needs powers to be able to enter our work places and see for themselves what is going on.
What other professional body spends its time disciplining their own members, and does not offer support when they report problems? It would be interesting to compare the numbers of teachers versus nurses who get disciplined, I would guess that there is a big difference.
Things may appear pretty bleak at the moment; as you say nurses have many talents that they can transfer so I hope you will soon be able to move on, and hopefully one day you will be able to clear your name. Something will have to happen and hopefully soon, to protect nurses from these atrocities. Becoming a nurse ought to come with a health warning!
You are not alone.

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Posted:  31-Jan-2014 22:43
It would be very interesting to see how much the NMC leeches from nurses for such a poor service in return. I for one bitterly resent paying my subs annually. I am sorry and sad for both of your experiences.

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Posted:  06-Feb-2014 09:39
Thanks for your comments. This has been a terribly painful week for me. My son and I have had to endure more public ridicule from the local press. I had previously been in touch with NMC about the potential harm to my son but regardless the story went ahead. I did not know until I walked in a random newsagent to be greeted by a front page article about me. I stand accused of smashing my mum over the head with a rolling pin (not true). It seems nmc would have preferred me to go to london but i simply couldnt get there. My sister is mortified and not speaking to me. This is a very dark place. I am petrified of the future. Just when i think no more can be done i am sideswiped by something else.

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Posted:  14-Feb-2014 23:14
Hi Destiel,

Maybe it would be a good thing for the NMC to investigate as it will be proved that you were not on duty the day the medications went missing. Forgetting to sign a MAR sheet is nothing in comparisson to this. I know it must be very stressful and difficult but i think the NMC investigation would be the way forward. You have nothing to loose as you're not practising now and the investigation may well clear your name and you can practice in another area. I wish you all the best and Good Luck in clearing your name.


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Posted:  06-Jun-2014 22:55
I know this is a very reply but I have recently rejoined the forum. This is my story:http://rcnpublishing.com/doi/full/10.7748/ns2013.
I have been there and know that you might still be going through this. Dont loose hope you are not alone

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Posted:  13-Jun-2014 13:17
are you member of RCN,they can fight for you .i think you can take membership now asked their opinion they can provide you a lawyer

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Posted:  05-Mar-2015 22:23
Hi Destiel, I just read your story and it was really devastating.
I hope you are feeling fine this time. I know how hard it is. If you planned on switching in another work field, you probably need to think of it really well as I have seen that you really love your work but not as much as today that you've been in that situation.
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