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agency nursing

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Posted:  27-Oct-2014 19:03
Hi, I am new to the forum and wanted to ask if any nurses have left full time employment to do agency nursing? I have an interview in a couple of weeks as I have had enough of the politics and ever growing paperwork which sadly now accompanies nursing. I want to be able to go into work and do what I worked hard for, nurse! Any info would be appreciated. Many thanks [:I]


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Posted:  28-Oct-2014 20:04
thanks suzanne x


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Posted:  30-Oct-2014 07:31
Hey, I'm a nurse practitioner and have just left a substantive post to.work.as a Locum. Firstly it does give the benefit of no.politics however as long as you don't mind working in different places not having a team to support you and can manage on a variable wage then it's viable. Are you registered with an agency? Have you discussed work in your area? Ltd company is also a good idea however you are restricted to how much money you can withdraw every month.
Good luck, if you want any more advice or support let me know xx

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Posted:  30-Oct-2014 21:43
thanks for all your advice, it has given me a lot to look into. xx


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Posted:  21-Jun-2016 15:50
I think that being an agency nurse is a great thing. It gives you more flexibility, it gives you more of an interesting pathway, and it gets your foot in the door to other avenues on different floors. If you want to learn more about agency nursing and what it entails, do a google search and type in agency nursing. From there, you will find all kinds of different aspects and avenues. Good luck on your new adventure. That is so exciting. Purplehippo, CNA

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Posted:  16-Sep-2016 16:44
Hello , My name is Carlos ,I am registered nurse working in Maidstone , I would like to know the best agencie to work here as a agency in Maidstone, maybe in a nursing home. Thanks in advance

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Posted:  10-Oct-2016 17:00
Congratulations on your interview. I am so happy that you are going on the interview. I think that is a great thing for you to do. My advice would be for you are the following:

1. Dress nicely
2. Wear nice attire
3. Bring a lot of information in order to fill out paperwork and other things.
4. Do research on the company before you go to interview.
5. Write thank you letters.
6. Always smile and act professional.

I hope this helps.
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