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Absolutely devastated. NMC referral!

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Posted:  20-Oct-2015 22:57
I've been dismissed from a local NHS trust for gross misconduct following an incident which happened soon after I was on an action plan for a similar incident.
I was working my notice as I had a job elsewhere, however, as I was dismissed following a disciplinary hearing, they have withdrawn their offer.

In the meantime I have taken a role as a carer in a nursing home, who are prepared to take me on as an RN provided I have no sanctions placed on me by the NMC.

I'm losing all hope. I haven't recieved any paperwork from the NMC yet, but I'm dreading the day it comes. All I want to be is a good nurse and I'm so scared of losing everything I care about! It's getting me so down that I've been feeling suicidal. I'm now on antidepressants and am going through counselling but the worry is so strong. I'm not a bad nurse and I need to fight for this. I know I have made errors and am far from perfect, but I'm committed to being the best I can be. I'm so scared they're gonna take everything from me.

It's causing rifts in my relationship because my partner is now getting frustrated with me when I don't take his advice, even though I've followed the union's advice. I honestly feel that, right now, the only things keeping me here are my family and friends. Otherwise I have nothing to live for. Nursing is my entire life and I don't know what to do if I'm not able to care for people. I'ts not even about the money, although that's obviously a huge concern too.

I don't even know what to expect of posting here. I guess I'm just desperate and so so scared.

What will I do?!

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Posted:  31-Oct-2015 12:56
I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Please contact your union for support if you have one and keep in touch with your GP regularly and let him/her know how you are feeling. There are lots of others who have survived similar situations so please don't lose hope. I can't really help with any other advice but at least my post will bump up this thread and maybe someone else can offer you the support you so badly need. 

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Posted:  21-Nov-2015 20:44
Dear Tom
I am myself in a similar situation. I want to tell you that despite your mistakes you are a not a bad nurse. Nursing is your passion but nothing worth your life. I hope you are ok now??

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Posted:  22-Nov-2015 05:28
It's important for us all to support each other and find colleagues, friends and family that support us. As a good country song says "we all fall down, its the getting back up that really counts." It's guaranteed that we'll make mistakes in life and no one is alone in that - we all also have the possibility to get back up and keep trying. I hope you are both able to come out of your difficult situations. Tom - I'm certain you'll be able to keep nursing if you are determined to.

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Posted:  03-Dec-2015 02:00
Hi Tom I have never been in your situation but after 30 years in the profession I have had several friends that have. There is no set speed at which the NMC work however Trusts can act sometimes more out of reaction to situations because of the political climate. The NMC look at the whole picture not just at what you have done wrong but at the support you had to get your practice back on track. I don't know what you have done wrong but you were on an action plan so my feeling is that it was not too serious however it happened again ? If it happened because you were put as a nurse in a similar situation then why was that allowed to happen ? Hindsight is a wonderful thing and we have all made mistakes that we can not undo. I understand your fear of not being able to nurse because I left nursing for 2 years after an accident, I was devastated and I felt so alone because those caring tanks that we fill and empty as we go about our tasks at work were bone dry. My marriage broke up because i felt as though I was not the same person who was confident and caring, kind and there to care for people. You need to keep in the front of your mind that you are that same person and even if things do not turn out well you can still make a difference by using your skills to find another way to care. Use every resource you have friends, family, union, counselling, samaritans, GP anyone that can keep you balanced, try and keep things together because you owe it to yourself, in your own words " I'm not a bad nurse and I need to fight for this" Jan x

Jan Bugg

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Posted:  05-Jan-2016 23:45
Hi all. Just an update:

I haven't heard anything from the NMC. I rang them in November only to be told they knew nothing of me. I believe I had not been referred.

As a result, I have since pursued jobs as an rn. I've been offered two and I have to pick between them. One is a local community hospital winter ward and the other is a bupa nursing home.

I really want the bupa one but I am afraid that the trust will refer me to the nmc when they find out I'm applying for other jobs as a nurse. Thus preventing me from starting with bupa as it is their policy not to employ anyone under investigation.

I haven't a clue what to do or what I think is best!!!

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Posted:  06-Jan-2016 10:19
Hi Tom.
I was going to say I have recently been ref to the NMC, but in actual fact it is over a year ago now and it is still hanging over me. I too went for new jobs and got referred because I gave my notice in at a place that was not very supportive and had a bully there.
I have not had restrictions put onto my practice but have now after 10 months been informed that I am under investigation. I too am devastated as this is all I want to do. I will lose the job I am in if I have restriction put onto my practice or am suspended, but the main advice I will give to you tell your employers the truth at all times as you can also get suspended for omitting the truth.
I will hear my outcome in march?april of this year and am keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome.
I am sorry you have had problems with your family/relationship etc but strong you are not alone, Keep contant contact with your union legal representative.

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Posted:  25-Jan-2016 23:17

Do what you would do if you weren't referred. And as Carole says, of course tell the truth, but try to be positive and continue with your life. Hope everything works out!

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Posted:  03-Feb-2016 19:26
I've just had a 18 month final warning on my name. The impact is devastating. You feel like the nurse from hell.

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Posted:  08-Feb-2016 16:32
It's so horrible reading all these posts; but nice to see such positive words from of advice from nurses. It seems like there are so many nurses out for one person only, themselves. Its shame that it appears that some/most nurses (in my experience) love to just gossip about the flaws of nurses rather than stick together. Nursing is such a high and intense job with so much you have to think about, the last thing you want is something like this hanging over you. Its a shame. My advice get your union involved and don't give up on your careers. Doors open and close for a reason.

Good Luck

David Mckay
The Nurse Station

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Posted:  16-Feb-2016 16:07
Fight back you deserve to be heard-Time to think differently and survive
Look for and keep all your paperwork relating to your employment
After each meeting in the disciplinary process, ask for copies of the employer’s minutes of the meeting and correct them
Read the disciplinary policy and also the ACAS Code of Practice
Seek expert advice at an early stage
Make inquiries of your union and any legal expenses insurer (LEI) that you might have cover for in respect of the legal costs in bringing a claim
Don’t forget that if you are contemplating resigning with a view to avoiding future issues, this is often unlikely to result in your desired outcome
Don’t forget that tight time limits apply to bringing employment tribunal claims – in most cases 3 months
Don’t forget to record the basis of your grievance with your employer in your resignation letter and any earlier correspondence sent to it if you are contemplating a constructive dismissal claim
Don’t forget to identify to your employer witness who might help your case
Don’t forget to ask for more time if your employer tries to rush you into attending a disciplinary hearing and you have little time to prepare

Seek advice early, think before you act and don't not face a serious allegation alone-ever on your own take someone always


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Posted:  02-Apr-2016 14:18
Same here, devastated and embarrassed. Been dismissed from work, got no jobs and now been told they will refer me to NMC.

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Posted:  11-Aug-2016 10:57
You may wait for years for the NMC to act. Hobonical is right in what she says.
If you are referred dont miss their time limits they impose, they will but you dont.
For those who are referred, you will suffer loneliness and isolation as your 'nurse friends' will disappear. Go to the FB page NMC Nurses & midwives condemned. We are a group of nurses who have been or are going through the 'PROCESS' and we gave support and where possible advice. and general chat of nurses. Strict confidentiality is ensured as many need a safe place to rant

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