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Not enjoying nursing

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Posted:  15-Apr-2017 18:46
I'm a newly qualified nurse (6 months) and I am hating it , what a thankless job ! , really regret my decision to go into nursing but because of my loan I'm stuck. I'm crying constantly, stressed out and sick of not being able to have a lunch break . I don't socialise with my friends anymore and I'm miserable :( .

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Posted:  17-Apr-2017 15:38
Have you told your manager how you feel?
If not tell her, ask her for a work stress risk assessment to be undertaken, also ask for a referral to occupational Health for some support.
Your Trust should also have access to counselling services for it's staff, get the number and use the service.
Have you been to your GP if not go and see him. If work is starting to have an impact on your ability to enjoy yourself you may require further help.

Have you thought about doing agency or even bank, that way you can pick and choose where and when you work depending on how your feeling. If your employed on a particular ward you can be made to feel beholden in some way to stay behind etc for the good of the patients whereas with agency or bank you can actually leave.
It may just be the area your working in rather than the job of actually being a nurse, however finding the right area for you to work in can be painstaking that is why sometimes bank or agency can give you a feel for a unit/department.

good luck

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Posted:  24-Apr-2017 17:22
The one good thing about nursing is that there are so many different opportunities out there. You don't say which field you are working in but perhaps it isn't for you. It's hard when you have commitments and feel stuck in your current situation but you've got six months experience and could try a new area.
Try and make time for your friends and talk to others about how you feel. Good luck!

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