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Nursing stress
I have been qualified for 8-9 months moved jobs already as I hated the hospital started a new job which I love. The only problem is my anxiety of ....
16 July 2017 09:09 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Stressednurseworries - Topic read 261 times today (2 replies)
I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore
I am a Staff Nurse who has been qualified just over 2 years and currently work on an oncology/haemat... ward, prior to this I worked on a general me....
20 February 2014 11:57 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Kcrz - Topic read 109 times today (22 replies)
Nurse Shadowing Opportunities!
Hello everyone. I am 21 and going into my final year of an undergraduate degree in sociology. However, I have decided I want to return to universit....
24 July 2017 02:09 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Tofuli - Topic read 54 times today (0 replies)
nmc referal
Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so hope this is in the right place! I have recently been accused of drug's going missing and failing to sign the MA....
11 December 2013 12:39 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Destiel - Topic read 23 times today (22 replies)
Band 6 interview with presentation
Hello I m new to this site, I m a band 5 paediatric staff nurse and have an interview at a different hospital for a band 6 post, I have a presentation....
29 October 2013 11:43 - Nursing Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 22 times today (5 replies)
Becoming a nurse in the UK from overseas
Hello I would like to ask for some advice please as to my current situation and how to become a nurse in the UK. I seem to be going round in circle....
10 July 2016 04:37 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Emeelou - Topic read 10 times today (3 replies)
Cleaning injection site
Just want your view please, had a pt in last night for holiday vaccination, this am she has rung and complained to my practice manager that i didnt ....
01 August 2012 12:01 - Nursing Forum
Posted by highpastuream - Topic read 9 times today (4 replies)
from RGN to RMN
hi, I am still nursing student but I graduate end of June. I study in Poland, our nursing courses include all branches, not separated like in the UK s....
04 May 2014 10:51 - Nursing Forum
Posted by funmilayo - Topic read 8 times today (2 replies)
Newly qualified and struggling
Hi all, I'm a fairly newly qualified paeds nurse (sept. 2012) and I completely hate my job at the minute, mainly because some of the people who work t....
08 April 2013 11:16 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Lou.scxx13 - Topic read 7 times today (7 replies)
Self employed medical/health screening nurse
Can anyone advise me on where I could find out about working self employed doing medical/health screenings for insurance companies. I currently work a....
17 February 2016 08:50 - Nursing Forum
Posted by mojo72 - Topic read 7 times today (16 replies)
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