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reported to NMC for facebook post
Where do I start.. I stupidly put a post on facebook forgetting about the NMC's code on social media. Someone took offence to my post, saw I was a ....
07 September 2016 04:03 - Nursing Forum
Posted by lauren101 - Topic read 4 times today (5 replies)
Becoming a nurse in the UK from overseas
Hello I would like to ask for some advice please as to my current situation and how to become a nurse in the UK. I seem to be going round in circle....
10 July 2016 04:37 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Emeelou - Topic read 4 times today (4 replies)
Visit to mum in hospital
I just wanted some viewpoints from other nurses re what happened to me today when I went to visit my mother in hospital. As I'm a nurse she asked m....
29 January 2017 08:10 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Louise40 - Topic read 2 times today (2 replies)
Stop £1000 charge for non-EU staff
The government plans to introduce an Immigration Skills Charge @ £1000 per employee per year aims to reduce Britain’s reliance on migrant workers and ....
12 April 2017 03:20 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Monica - Topic read 2 times today (1 replies)
Not enjoying nursing
I'm a newly qualified nurse (6 months) and I am hating it , what a thankless job ! , really regret my decision to go into nursing but because of my lo....
15 April 2017 06:46 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Stressednurseworries - Topic read 2 times today (2 replies)
Hello,i have got a problem,have been put in trouble But quick question :Once you have been told that you are Reported to NMC ,how long you have to....
29 June 2017 04:53 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Sisi - Topic read 2 times today (1 replies)
Disability Assessor role
Happy new year everyone. I am new on this forum. Does anyone know what the disability Assessor role entails for nurses. What are the pros and cons of ....
03 January 2018 03:06 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Vaniaku - Topic read 2 times today (1 replies)
Welcome to the Nursing Forum
Our forum is now live. We plan to split into nursing specific forums e.g. surgical, oncology, A&E, outpatients, community nursing, mental health, scho....
20 July 2009 12:23 - Nursing Forum
Posted by bernie - Topic read 1 times today (20 replies)
Makes you wonder
Yesterday I met two men. One spent most of 1944 paddling ashore in a rubber boat from a submarine to survey potential invasion beaches in France and I....
05 August 2012 08:56 - Nursing Forum
Posted by creaky - Topic read 1 times today (1 replies)
adult nurse
Hi am student and i am at my last year in sixthform and i was just wanted advice about adult nursing such what skills and qualities i should have.
07 November 2013 09:22 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Hawaali - Topic read 1 times today (4 replies)
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