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practice nurse interview questions
I am keen to move into Practice Nursing from Secondary care having worked in Outpatients clinics for many years. I believe I have many transferable sk....
27 February 2017 11:26 - Nursing Forum
Posted by KatieJR - Topic read 1096 times today (1 replies)
nmc referal
Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so hope this is in the right place! I have recently been accused of drug's going missing and failing to sign the MA....
11 December 2013 12:39 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Destiel - Topic read 857 times today (24 replies)
I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore
I am a Staff Nurse who has been qualified just over 2 years and currently work on an oncology/haemat... ward, prior to this I worked on a general me....
20 February 2014 11:57 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Kcrz - Topic read 780 times today (22 replies)
Absolutely devastated. NMC referral!
I've been dismissed from a local NHS trust for gross misconduct following an incident which happened soon after I was on an action plan for a similar ....
20 October 2015 10:57 - Nursing Forum
Posted by tom_collins - Topic read 769 times today (12 replies)
reported to NMC for facebook post
Where do I start.. I stupidly put a post on facebook forgetting about the NMC's code on social media. Someone took offence to my post, saw I was a ....
07 September 2016 04:03 - Nursing Forum
Posted by lauren101 - Topic read 274 times today (5 replies)
Welcome to the Nursing Forum
Our forum is now live. We plan to split into nursing specific forums e.g. surgical, oncology, A&E, outpatients, community nursing, mental health, scho....
20 July 2009 12:23 - Nursing Forum
Posted by bernie - Topic read 272 times today (20 replies)
Inadine Vs Atrauman
Hello there, What are the differences between these two? Where would you use one over the other? Why wouldn't you use one on a specific wound? K....
20 October 2016 02:24 - Nursing Forum
Posted by marmalade8a - Topic read 228 times today (1 replies)
nursing disciplinary action
Let me set the scene as briefly as I can I am a mental health nurse, have been practising for several years. I have just been informed that I am requ....
16 August 2011 06:39 - Nursing Forum
Posted by n/a - Topic read 219 times today (3 replies)
Flu vaccine for children
Does anyone know of any resources about increasing uptake of nasal flu vaccination?
25 September 2018 03:26 - Nursing Forum
Posted by dmox - Topic read 206 times today (1 replies)
Becoming a nurse in the UK from overseas
Hello I would like to ask for some advice please as to my current situation and how to become a nurse in the UK. I seem to be going round in circle....
10 July 2016 04:37 - Nursing Forum
Posted by Emeelou - Topic read 164 times today (4 replies)
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