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Welcome to the Nursing Forum
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Posted:  20-Jul-2009 12:23
Our forum is now live. We plan to split into nursing specific forums e.g. surgical, oncology, A&E, outpatients, community nursing, mental health, school, prison etc as well but start up with a general discussion and light hearted forum. If you would like to see how this works visit the Practice Nursing Website which has been going for almost 10 years. Nursing Forum uses the same website system.

If you would like to start a speciality forum around your nursing discipline then contact me by clicking here. If the speciality forum becomes very popular then we may create a separate website like practicenursing.co.uk focussing on your branch of nursing.

If you have used the practicenursing.co.uk website then you will be familiar with how this website works and in fact can use the same username and password.

If you are new you can get help on the forum here and the whole site here

Site Administrator

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Posted:  14-Apr-2010 19:56
Yes would like a forum on acute medicine.............would be good to bounce ideas around :-)


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Posted:  02-Jul-2010 09:55
Your doing a great job that providing such information,hopping to see more from your end.


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Posted:  21-Dec-2011 02:41

I agreed with you. Any way, your points of view make me thinking about some thing for my project.

Pls try to keep posting. Tks and best regards

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Posted:  09-Jul-2012 19:53
Hoe about children's nursing??

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Posted:  10-Oct-2012 13:40
Ophthalamology forum would be very useful.

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Posted:  10-Aug-2014 11:11
I am in practice nursing so a seperate area would be extremely useful

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Posted:  10-Aug-2014 11:13
I think I am confused. Where is the practice nursing area gone. I didnt realise I have posted against old comments

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Posted:  26-Apr-2015 03:56
recovery nurse forum?

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Posted:  02-Jul-2015 01:19
Hi all, i'm an anesthetist,i hope i have freinds from England works like me :)

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Posted:  21-Jun-2016 15:44
I think that this is a great idea. I like having divided sections where you can learn from each other. I also like the idea of having forums where we can create too and other people can learn from what we see and research. I really enjoy learning from what other nurses say and do. Just by reading different posts from other people, I have learned a lot and it has also brought me back my memories of being on the floor and being that special nurse to my patients. I still am a nurse, but I am more of a school nurse. I personally want to start a forum in school nursing. I think that school nursing is important aspect in nursing as well. Thank you for giving us a voice and for learning from each other. Purplehippo, CNA

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Posted:  04-Jan-2017 08:15
Someone said they thought there was a mental health forum. Is there and how do I find it please?


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Posted:  10-Jan-2017 16:32
What about a forum for learning disability nurses?

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Posted:  21-Mar-2017 11:22
I am a volunteer nurse from US Chicago. I am planning to visit London for more opportunities.

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Posted:  22-Mar-2017 18:15
theater nurse forum 
children nurse forum
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