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Transportation of Vaccines

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Posted:  21-Oct-2014 08:00
We are a 2 site country practice.
It takes 5 minutes to drive between sites.
Occasionally we have to transport vaccines from one site to another.
At present we use a domestic cool bag to do this with a thermometer inside.
Is this acceptable OR should we purchase one of the expensive temperature controlled vaccine boxes available.

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Posted:  24-Oct-2014 11:23
I would contact your local infection control dept for advise.
Could the practice not buy a small vaccine fridge for each practice and stock in the usual way to avoid any breaks in the cold chain?
You also need to consider your PGDs ( if you are not a prescriber ) therefore see what they advise re cold chain etc.

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Posted:  03-Nov-2014 14:59
We know that most vaccines survive for a while if a fridge fails (see Travax) and lyophilised vaccines are very stable for short durations at room temp.

However, you are unlikely to get anyone to suggest anything other than transporting them in a portable vaccine fridge.

Personally I think that 5 minutes in a cold bag is not going to reduce the efficacy of a vaccine, but unfortunately I didn't write your PGD which means you'll prob have to do what that says...



James Moore
Specialist Nurse
Travel and Expedition Medicine
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