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Becoming a nurse in the UK from overseas

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Posted:  10-Jul-2016 16:37

I would like to ask for some advice please as to my current situation and how to become a nurse in the UK. I seem to be going round in circles as to what I need to achieve to be able to join the NMC register. Please let me outline my current status:

I am Filipino and my current status here in the UK is indefinite leave to remain; I am married to a UK national and we plan to apply for citizenship for me in the coming years.

I graduated in 2006: Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippines.

I am a registered nurse in the Philippines.

My experience comprises of 3 months volunteer experience in a medical surgical ward in the Philippines (this is not documented) and several post graduation 2-3 day courses with certification. For two years I worked in Tel Aviv, Israel, as a personal care assistant / nurse; this was for a private client.

I am currently studying to achieve IELTS level 7 in English, I am aware this needs to be achieved.

I cannot seem to find solid advice as to the way forward for me in my pursuit of becoming a nurse in the UK, I have spoken to universities, agencies and several people regarding this and I seem to get somewhat half advice, and I feel I am going around in circles trying to pin-point exactly what I need to achieve. When speaking to universities regarding my situation they can’t seem to pin-point the exact course and have advised me to speak with the NMC, but when I do email and speak with the NMC they just point me to their website and I go around in circles again as I don’t qualify to register; as I do not have the relevant experience.

Or if anyone can direct me as to whom to speak to that would be great.

Many Thanks

2 Posts

Posted:  18-Jul-2016 10:46
Hello SB

Thanks very much for your reply, it does look like what you have outlined above is going to be the case. It is extremely hard to get solid / conclusive / official answers regarding my position though, once I know for sure I can then make decisions on the way forward.

Again thanks for your reply.
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