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reported to NMC for facebook post

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Posted:  07-Sep-2016 16:03
Where do I start..

I stupidly put a post on facebook forgetting about the NMC's code on social media. Someone took offence to my post, saw I was a nurse on my page (now removed and made private) and has reported me to the NMC.

The post involved me ranting about a person who had blocked my car in my private carpark and then proceeded to rake through my bins and take things. The person whom took offence stated that I basically should not be judging people if I'm a nurse. I was simply having a rant about people intruding my carpark and preventing me from getting to work.

I feel the NMC will only be concerned if I was posting in relation to a patient/ my work place. But who knows they may see it as unprofessional/misconduct. Nurses are human too!

Can I seriously get in trouble from the NMC for this? Will it get dealt with within my work place or will it be dismissed.

And has anyone heard of any cases involving facebook?

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Posted:  14-Sep-2016 09:39
You were quite right to complain on FB & it must have been someone who knows you & lives near you, I said all kinds of things about the NMC, the company I worked for both on FB & twitter, the NMC made a big song & dance about it. the Judge at appeal against NMC dismissed them out of hand. He didnt even bother to look st them
The NMC wastes £60,000,000 a year on mostly stupid & trivial referrals.
If you are not in a union contact a solicitor, it will cost but will save your PIN

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Posted:  14-Sep-2016 09:42
NMC Nurses and Midwives CONDEMNED is a FB page for referred nurses, it is a closed group and nurses get support through the years the NMC dither

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Posted:  21-Sep-2016 09:07
Nurses and midwives are now afraid to say anything about anything in case someone takes offence. If you dont have a PIN to protect they can say what they like.(Im safe Im retired)
The NMC, give them their due here, must respond to all reports against nurses. Unfortunately some of the stupid things get past the screening team (bad hair day perhaps) and are taking to a hearing.
You will have got a letter telling you you have been referred. The NMC will investigate it.
The problem now is that nurses and midwives are more concerned about protecting their PINs than care because at every turn in nursing you are at risk of having a complaint about you.
This referral to me is high monst the stupid range
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